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Have you ever missed an investment opportunity because you didn't receive timely notifications? Bamboo App will help you receive instant smart alerts on your phone.

With this solution, you will receive timely notifications about changes to the assets you want to track, including both Tokens and NFTs.

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Signature Features Provide Unparalleled Value And Functionality.


Alerts on wallet and price fluctuations

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Easily manage your portfolio in the app.

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Convenient wallet management.

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Continuous news updates.

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Our Roadmap

BamBoo App Strategy & Project Plan

Phase 1

Month 1 - Apr 2024

  • User function analysis.
  • Application wireframe design.
  • Application UI/UX design.
  • Community Marketing on X, Telegram,
    Youtube, and Website

Phase 2

Month 3 - Jun 2024

  • Develop frontend, backend, and integrate APIs
    to implement the following features:
    • Information about native assets.
    • Asset portfolio management.
    • Smart alerts.
    • Information about major events.
  • Community Marketing on X, Telegram, Youtube,
    and Website

Phase 3

Month 4 - Apr 2024

  • Test the application on Android - iOS.
  • Conduct a survey to gauge community
    on the features we plan to build.
  • Build a trial app for both Android, iOS platforms.
  • Build a website to introduce the Bamboo application.
  • Community Marketing on X, Telegram, Youtube, and Website
  • Project Completion Report.
  • Video introducing functions and instructions
    on how to use the application to end the project


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